Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hi everyone!! I'm sure there is some veeeeeeeeeeeery sore heads out there this morning!!! Last night was Ashleigh's circus themed 21st. It was a fantastic night I went minus Gary who came down with a tummy bug, I just think he didn't want to go as a lion!!! That is me 1st left as the clown...amazing how many people recognise me. The next pic is me with Ash the great ringmaster, she designed and made her amazing outfit. Won't go through the others but a big thankyou to Kellie and Jayne for their amazing readings as fortune tellers with a pack of Jim Beam playing cards...I was rivetted!!! Oh! Can't leave Janice out who had us mesmerised with her miming skills that just got better as the night went on!!!
Kath & Lionel are so proud, you are such a gorgeous girl Ash, thanks for sharing your night!!!
Thought I better put in the card I made Ash, I thought it was very Ash, hope she liked it.

I apologise for the marks on some of the photos, I had a smear on my lens DOH!!!
Very proud of my efforts(if I must say so myself) the way I have lined up all my stamps with NO and I repeat NO Stamp-a-ma-jig, smilin' at you Mege's!!!
Thanks for popping in and have a great day, love you to leave a comment.


Partridge in a Pear Tree said...

Love the costumes! Gorgeous card, very chic!

heather said...

Great night fab costumes,card looks great and yes it looks like Ash style

PTgirl said...

Anne you look great! Dont know why Gary wouldnt have wanted to go! Nice card.

Robyn G said...

Fab costume, great skill with the stamps, I could only imagine how long and how many attempts it would take me. Think I'll stick with the "Keep It Simple Theme"
Cheers, so you at boxing.

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