Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well what a day we had at Mad's place on Saturday. The gorgeous Madonna organised a shoe box swap and general chit chat day at her new home, and I loved it!!! It is so great when someone has a card all designed for you to put together, and they were all amazing. Thankyou to all the girls for sharing their amazing talent and to the super Kirsty Brown sharing ideas with us as well. Below are the photos of the day, the 1st one is all the cards and the close up of the melon mambo flower was my swap. The flower I can't give direct credit to the inventor as it was some time ago I saw it done but I have a feeling it was one of the English Stampin' Up girls.

Photos are a bit all over the shop as they wouldn't be nice to me. Top photo is moi, Ann, Mad's, Kirsty and Annette in front. L to R is 1/ Mad's and I, 2/Mege's(super upline), Margie (super newbie demo) and I, 3/ Kirsty and Ann. I didn't manage to get all the girls as some had to leave early, but I hope they had a great time too. By the way Shell we reeeeeeeeeeeelly missed ya!!!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to be missed!!!! Don't worry there's NO WAY I'll be missing the next one, you look like you had way too much fun without me :)

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